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Solutions We Offer

HVAC Design

•   Heat load Calculation and Load analysis
•   Equipment selection and other ancillaries
•   Air System Design and Retrofit
•   Optimizing the Design and Control of Chilled Water Plants
•   Water System Design
•   An Integrated Approach to Building Commissioning
•   Designing HVAC Systems with Noise and Vibration Control
•   Designing Heat Recovery Systems
•   Applying data communication protocol for Building Automation and Control Networks.
•   Building Retrofit for Energy Efficiency
•   Determining Energy Savings based performance and Measurement Verification
•   Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects: Life-Cycle Costing
•   Optimizing the Design and Control of Chilled Water Plants
•   Advanced Psychometrics
•   Control Engineering at commissioning stage and supervision
•   All types of Mechanical ventilation system
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