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Nival Tech’s Scope
•  Preliminary discussions with clients to gather all necessary technical requirements and other     particulars relevant to the project.
•  Furnishing particulars as required in order to set up options which can be aid to clients & or    architects with necessary     sketches, drawings etc.
•  Extending assistance in formulating brief / detailed proposals to the clients or architects.
•  Extending support for answering queries and to prepare response for any queries that may be     raised following submission of     brief / detailed proposals.
•  Participation in meetings with clients / architects to workout economical liable solution.
•  Preparation of detailed design and suggestive drawings during execution of the work.
•  Design document review for quality assurance and coordinating with all MEP services.
•  Extending assistance capital cost, operating cost and also cost saving plan for design phases.
•  Submittal review, Material approval and bill certification for MEP services.
•  Visits to site during execution of work for quality assurance and coordinating.
•  Extending assistance in connection with commissioning, testing & handing over of the system.

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