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Plumbing Design

•   Water supply system comprising Cold water and Hot water system for buildings
•   Building drainage, External drainage, Manhole design and Septic tank
•   Select fixtures that use minimum quantity of water, but flushes effectively
•   Use of eco friendly plumbing material
•   Design for roof rain water harvesting system, to the maximum extent for direct use if feasible.
•   Sewage treatment plant, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant
•   Use sewage treatment plant’s product for gardening, water closets flushing and in cooling      towers
•   External and irrigation water supply design
•   Ground rainwater filter system and Use rainwater harvesting to charge the ground.
•   Introduce modern methods to reduce use of water in drainage system.
•   Use of submersible & vertical pumps to save space.
•   Design approaches for LEED and Green Buildings.
•   Feasible study about ground water, Building usage water and water solution.
•   Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems are designed to deal with water run-off in a better manner      than that accomplished by traditional drainage methods.
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